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Thursday, October 23rd, 2008
12:44 am - halloweeeeeeen
i hadn't done a Halloween mix since 2005 & 2004, so here's a 3rd compilation... sure to scare anyone not into these bands already ;-) most of these were pretty much chosen for the titles alone, & not surprisingly, they go well together on a theme mix like this. some of these are sorta newer "discoveries", like #3 (didn't know Nick Cave was part of that), & really hadn't heard much of #1, #4 or #7. they're not totally my thing, but these songs are cool. Nosferatu is very ideal listen to on a cool, cloudy day like today, i must say... i'm surprised i hadn't checked them out sooner, & #11 is a most excellent track to be introduced to :-D some of the usual bands i know & love like #5, #6, #8 & #9, & i've been absolutely addicted to The Rakes. btw, i'm really not into gory stuff... i don't even really like horror movies all that much. i like spooky, but not not disturbing. i'll prolly spend this weekend watching "safe" movies like The Craft, The Lost Boys, & Young Frankenstein ;-) although The Lost Boys did kinda give me the creeps in middle school... *grin*

Halloween 2008
1 Dead Kennedys - Halloween
2 Misfits - Astro Zombies
3 The Birthday Party - Release the Bats
4 Alien Sex Fiend - Now I’m feeling Zombified
5 Siouxsie & the Banshees - Carcass
6 Bauhaus - Rosegarden Funeral of sores
7 The Cramps - Zombie Dance
8 Echo & the Bunnymen - My White Devil
9 The Damned - Shadow of Love
10 The Rakes - Terror! - "baby don't go... to the haunted hotel... i've gotta really bad feeliiiin... in my bones..."
11 Nosferatu - Graveyard Shift
12 Marilyn Manson - I Put a Spell on You
13 Type O Negative - Love you to Death
14 Revolting Cocks - Cattle Grind - the creepy intro alone was enuff reason to put this on here, not to mention this song flat out rocks
15 Rob Zombie - Superbeast

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Monday, October 20th, 2008
3:56 am - if i had a million dollars...
ie, if i didn't have to lift a finger & work, i would... sit around & do nothing... just like that Office Space character says... except i'd be sitting around listening to music. that's pretty much all i've done today since i woke up, plus i was feeling kinda crappy with this almost-cold i've been trying to keep away all week. i was on a New Order kick yesterday, & ended up listening to mostly 80s stuff that day anyway. then i got a brilliant idea to make an all 80s playlist, which so far has over 1000 mp3s on it. i could live off this playlist, seriously (you guys). then after fishing for more Halloween songs for my theme mix, today's 80s band of the day was The Damned... cuz they are just damn good :-P even though they started in punk, & i'm not the biggest punk fan really, they were definitely the best of the era to me, & evolved into something else, into a cool in-yer-face/goth/other rock band, & have lasted at some level for a while!! i can't describe how much i love em... so here's the 1st song i ever heard of them, which wasn't until 2001... & i've been hooked ever since. i must go to bed now...

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
1:27 pm - Melotron?!?!?!
Melotron kommt auch Amerika!!!! bout freaking time some good synthpop/industrial band came thru here that i actually like... rather LOVE so i don't have to drive to friggin San Antonio, like i did w/ Covenant a couple years ago. & that was hard to do cuz i had a symphony concert here that night, immediately afterward drove straight to SA literally minutes b4 they went onstage (& had walked by the singer b4 they went on, & he looked right at me & i again did nothing, lol). i wouldn't do that for too many groups, drive out of the way... but i've listened to both groups a lot in the past 7 years, & even though they're not very big here in the states, they're just as pertinent to me as some other bigger band like Radiohead. not comparing them to Radiohead mind you (not even the same fanbase), just stating how important they are musically to me, & obviously i listen to them a LOT, & sometimes more so than some of my favorite bands, depending on my mood. it 1st started in Dallas w/ just a curiosity of compiling an all German industrial dance mix, & someone online had mentioned Melotron... so i checked them out, like i did with a bunch of other bands at the time. it started w/ the usual handful of downloads... which escalated eventually to a few albums worth of mp3s. then i got even more obsessed when i got my ears hooked on the Sternenstaub album a few years ago when i was in Chicago, got hooked on another album Cliche, & they have another album out (that came out last year). it's hard to find their albums though... i search the cd bins all the time & NEVER see them, & rarely might see their name where their cds should be. anyway... so's my obsession w/ Melotron. now i gotta wait over a month to see em, but it'll be worth it... esp. since no one else is really coming here, i can't go to ACL, & there's NO symphony rehearsal or concert the night they're playing... thank the Lord.

i was gonna rant about other personal things, but i don't wanna waste the time or finger energy cuz it's stupid crap. ein neues Jahr will make things a lot better... i'm counting down to 2009 already... well, 1st i'll countdown to October 9th, then December 31st :-P ok ok, bring on symphony season & i'll be a lot better... off to relearn Melotron lyrics... since they're all in German, & i haven't practiced my German since i had a German student in Chicago, & i've been relying on what i did remember & faking German lyrics ever since :-D

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Wednesday, August 6th, 2008
12:05 pm - my Lolla 08 experience
full report... & click on links for individual pics, but u can look thru both albums if u want.

Day 1
Rogue Wave - missed em cuz the train took so darn long :( i felt like i lived on the train for those 4 days, ugh... & i do NOT miss it!!!!!
Enemy UK - this was the 1st band i actually saw, & 1 of the only ones i saw that i didn't really plan on seeing. it was on the way to the next band, so it was convenient & they sounded pretty cool. & just about any band ending in UK can't be bad ;-) they are a young modern indie rock 3 piece. vocals kinda reminded me of The Libertines, so kinda along those British lines... i'll have to listen to em more though
The Kills - they rocked... but it was KILLER hot!!!! this was definitely 1 of the 'hottest' bands, literally... even the female singer was constantly wiping herself off with a towel. i didn't even really get into them until this past month, but i've been listening to their new album a lot lately. they played a lot of stuff i knew well, along with others i casually knew. they're kind of a cross to me of PJ Harvey (who has also been cited as a reference - big surprise), White Stripes w/ the minimalist garage rock sound, & The Raveonettes with the girl/boy vocal mix & similar guitar tones. i'll definitely be listening to them even more than i have this summer...
Cat Power - i only knew a couple of her songs, & since she didn't sing those, everything was unfamiliar to me. people around me seemed to know it though. she's been around for a while too. the stuff she sang was kinda alterna-bluesy & pretty different from the stuff i had heard of her, which seemed more minimalist chick/guitar arrangements. she had a full band though & good stage presence. i'll have to casually listen to some more stuff.
Bloc Party - they were good!! i had heard their 1st album when it came out, but didn't really hear it much at all... but i checked out their newer album from last year, which i think i like more. i had a pretty good view of them & the sound was good, considering it was one of the higher attended bands of the day. The singer was friendly with the crowd, & it wasn't as hot then. I definitely thought the peak was with "Modern Love", where everyone seemed to be cheering more & the singer had a big smile on his face at the end. i had recorded it on my new digital camera, but unfortunately it got erased... & i'm still sad cuz that was a really cool moment.
Radiohead - good stuff.... i knew just about every song, of course. but i was supposed to meet my friend b4 hand & never found her cuz our phones weren't communicating...due to there being over 75k people in attendance :-P i was expecting over 10k or 20K, but this was ridiculous & the crowd was a BIT overwhelming, along w/ some annoying drunken people (seriously, HOW can anyone get drunk at a crowded, overpriced event like this anyway?!?!). I couldn't really enjoy it as much becuz of the crowd, plus i couldn't see the band hardly at all... big surprise. But they played a lot of good stuff, plus a lot of the new album. I would've liked a little more from Hail to the Thief (still my favorite album... though some fans don't think it's that great)... but u can't have it all! hopefully next time i see them it won't be so darn crowded *sigh*

Day 2
- my friend wanted to see this cuz a friend that she trusts likes them. we got there late cuz of the stupid train, but managed to catch half of it. they're pretty eclectic... & no song sounded the same. there was a mix of instruments onstage from a sousaphone player that doubled on double bass (& as a classical musician, i got a kick out of that), a guitar that we guessed was actually an electric mandolin, & there was also a theremin at 1 point. they apparently did some soundtrack, & i could picture their music fitting a movie of some type. another song sounded kinda panish/Western influenced. people seemed to dig it though... interesting stuff.
Explosions in the Sky - Austin band. we didn't get too close, but just kinda laid out in the grass in the BEST daytime weather all weekend for their set, enjoying the mellow sound-scapey sounds...
Perry - this was basically just catching a glimpse of Perry Farrell (Janes Addiction, & of course the guy responsible for creating the festival) cuz we were curious from a crowd of people standing around. Slash was there too (he's also in the pic w/ Perry)... but we couldn't hear anything cuz the sound was messed up... & left for a break.
Okkervil River - another Austin band... general indie rock, i guess. i wasn't crazy about the guy's vocals at 1st, but he sounds like a good lyricist & had good stage presence. people seemed to like it, & i got into them more as they played.
Broken Social Scene - Canadian indie band. i got into them casually in 2004 when i lived in Chicago from just merely catching a video of "Cause = Time" on eMpTV's' Subterranean... which basically replaced 120 Minutes (which was better), which they showed on Sunday nights in the 90s. but that track alone, which i think is an exceptional one, sparked enuff interest to check out the album You Forgot it in People. they didn't do a lot on stage antics cuz everyone was playing something... a very busy band, plus it's always unclear how many members there are cuz they have a lot of extra people on the album. there was 1 singer chick from a band called Stars that sang a couple of tracks with them, & my friend likes that band & said i should check it out. all n all really good... i was just dehydrated & hungry at the time :-P
Toadies - while they played, all i could think was DAMN, i miss Rubberneck!!!! sure, i could play it to death still.... but then it wouldn't be so good next time i put it on. i played that cd to death when it came out, despite the fact that our radio station played about half the album on the radio (cuz i'm from TX, & so are they), & many thanks to "Possum Kingdom"... which was my obsession song of '95. i had seen em in '97 at some Halloween show w/ another local TX band. they rocked, & people of all ages seemed to know their stuff. They still rock... hard... & i just may see them again next month when they play here in Austin. The funny thing is: i flew all the way from TX to see 3 TX bands on this day, lol
Rage Against the Machine - rawwwwwwk. the only complaint about this show was not the band, but the moron moshers who were apparently moshing so hard that people were getting hurt & crap, & Zach DeLaRocha kept having to tell people to step back & how uncool it was for people to be getting hurt & all that jazz... which is, of course, the big reason why i think mosh pits are lame. but seriously... how could u stop a mosh pit with a band by this name??? i wore my concert t-shirt from when i saw them in '99, & of course a lot of other dudes were wearing RATM shirts... & i say other dudes cuz i didn't see 1 girl wearing one, lol. i guess girls aren't as prideful about being a fan of a band that has mostly a male fanbase... i may not be an angsty teenage or frat boy or anything, but this band filled a special void for me when Evil Empire came out in '96, & this is why i became such a fan: that dreaded year of events somehow was helped thanks to blasting RATM loudly in my new truck. they partly helped me get thru THE worst time of my life, & i was a big fan from '96-2000.... & then of course they broke up & formed Audioslave, which i didn't get into nearly as much. it's a weird nostalgic trip... i listened to their albums so much that i knew EVERY song they played... not so much the lyrics, but definitely the basslines cuz i partly picked up bass guitar cuz of this album. i'm not nostalgic for the events that led up to me being such a fan, but definitely nostalgic for that feeling of powerful beats, basslines, way cool guitar tones, & of course angry vocals that spoke for me. I miss GOOD angsty rock like this... there just haven't been enuff bands of this decade to fill that void. & little did I know that after literally bumping into Tom Morello at SXSW this year (& being too damn shy to say "uh, hi, i was a big Rage fan, thanks", ARGH) that i'd see his band again (9 years ago) a few months later!!!

Day 3
Brazilian Girls
- mmm, how to describe them... a dancy version of Annie Lennox meets the Scissor Sisters sums it up for me. i like their album that came out a couple of years ago, but they did a lot of stuff i didn't know as well. i still enjoyed it though cuz everyone was kinda dancing in place & having fun, & the singer seemed inviting & friendly to the crowd... which i thought was really cool. This was one of the other hottest shows i saw, but still good... i just had to guzzle a lot of water.
Chromeo - another dancey act, this time a guitar & synth playing (both guys doubling) duo from Canada, but i had never heard of them. they were fun though!! everyone was dancing to this too... the guys more so, which i thought was funny cuz they're often the types that make fun of that kind of music. i'll definitely have to be bopping my head to this stuff more!!
Flogging Molly - older Irish-punk group that i've always heard of, but didn't really know much of their music except a handful of tunes maybe. but i wasn't really enjoying it cuz it was way too crowded, we didn't get a good view at all, & i was getting overheated, even though it was cloudy. but all n all, i felt like it was St. Patty's day all of a sudden, heh.
Love & Rockets – First off, I luuuuuuuuuuv this band.... cuz of course i'm a huge Bauhaus fan. words can't express how good i think their music is... even though i didn't really get into it until after '98 when Bauhaus did the Resurrection tour (which of course, i had to wear my poor fading black t-shirt that i've worn to death), & i had realized Peter Murphy & L&R were a musical item when i was a weeee lass. it was from a mere description of them in the Houston Press (has movies, shows, etc.) that sparked my interest... & the article wasn't even flattering for them. I thought, this guy doesn't know what he's talking about... PM & L&R alone seemed good enuff for me to check them out, & i'm soooo glad i did!! THAT intro to Bauhaus really shifted my musical tastes... & for the better i think. So, then after that i had to play catch-up w/ Murphy & the Rockets, & still am cuz... welp, no thanks to being a kid of the 80s in their heyday, i had to get into them somehow. & how does this relate to the actual show?!? everything... cuz most people obviously didn't seem to know who they were &/or know any of their songs!!!!!!!!l i felt like i was singing along to every word, & prolly was 1 of the only ones... esp. compared to the people around me. yah, people clapped & cheered for them in between songs, but they didn't really get into them the way they got into other bands throughout the festival, & i'm sure they didn't know a lot of those bands either... i didn't, & i still enjoyed these other unknown bands. 1 thing became clear to me why they got on the bill at the timeslot: Perry Farrell introduced them & was explaining to the crowd how much of a fan he was back in the day. he gets major kudos. sure, a lot of people were younger, but i noticed this was 1 of the oldest crowds at the whole festival, & i just expected more people to actually know their stuff &/or cheer for them more. i guess i'm just old, i thought... but no, i was really too young for that band too. i saw them once as L&R in '99 & didn't know most of the songs then either, & it takes time to get caught up. oh well... either their loss if they're not interested, or hopefully more people will think "hey, that L&R band was pretty cool, i'll have to check them out". i hope it's the latter & they weren't all there just cuz it was the band playing before NIN, which i also knew was a big reason why people were hanging out at that stage :-P But overall, L&R rocked, despite indifferent American audiences... & i really really REALLY hope more people will check them out... !!!!!!!!!!!
Nine Inch Nails – what can I say… for the people that went, this was easily the best show. The band was great, visuals were cool, setlist was interesting (I didn’t even know some of the songs, & neither did my friend), the crowd was crazy (but not as idiotic about moshing as Rage - but there was moshing, don’t get me wrong), what else can I say. But I was left wondering… why didn’t I see them before??!?!?! I feel cheated & deprived… somehow I just didn’t get around to seeing them… either they kept selling out like Radiohead, I was busy, or I just didn’t wanna bother going by myself. It still surprises me cuz I’ve been a big NIN fan since the mid 90s & I’ve seen a LOT of bands by myself, but mostly in smaller venues. They played a good bit from this album & that album… “March of the Pigs” & “Terrible Lie” were good picks. I would’ve liked more from With Teeth, but u know how that is, & i should've done whatever it took to see them in Chicago in 2005 (which i wanted to go to, but couldn't). But, I finally finally finally saw them (him – Trent, rather)… it just took me over a decade. And who can forget the heartfelt speech Trent gave at the end?! Totally unpretentious (UNLIKE a certain individual on the other side of the park that night *cough*) & genuine, & even kinda mushy… but in a good way. I’m glad he seemed to appreciate the audience, Perry, & the band as much as we appreciated him playing for us.

All n all, a VERY good lineup, fun weekend, & the bands didn't disappoint. I don't expect next year to have nearly as many bands that I'd wanna see that badly (which is why I hadn't gone b4 even when I did live in Chicago in recent years), but I could be surprised… we'll see, but it'll take a LOT for me to go again to such a crowded event, esp. since i haven't even been to one like it since Rockfest '97, which had even more people than this did, if u can believe. Next stop is 1 day at Austin City Limits this year… The Kills are playing again (yay) & overall, at least it won't be as crowded ;-)

on a final note, i do have to show this....


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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
2:06 am - quizzie
mmm, last i checked i was an INFP... i guess we can change ;-) tired after a long drive now... going to bed...

You Are An ISFP

The Artist

You are a gifted artist or musician (though your talents may be dormant right now).

You enjoy spending your free time in nature, and you are good with animals and children.

Simply put, you enjoy beauty in all its forms and live for the simple pleasures in life.

Gentle, sensitive, and compassionate - you are good at recognizing people's unspoken needs.

In love, you are quiet and sweet yet very passionate. You love easily.

You have an underlying love for all living things, and it's easy for you to accept someone into your heart.

At work, you do best in an unconventional position. You express yourself well and can work with almost anyone.

You would make a good veterinarian, pediatrician, or composer.

How you see yourself: Sympathetic, kind, and communicative

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Incompetent, insecure, and overly sensitive

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Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
2:26 pm - "we're waiting for the flood..."
{insert singing British accent} - "we're waiting for the flood... we're waiting for the flood"... etc etc, sing on Love & Rockets. which is exactly what this topic is about... although listening to L&R is simply a coincidence, as i have this Bauhaus/ Love & Rockets/ Peter Murphy playlist running :-D cuz they're all awesome... was rethinking last nite that i've seen Bauhaus twice ('98 in Houston & '05 in Chicago), L&R ('99 - Houston), Peter Murphy twice ('00 & '02 in Dallas) & Daniel Ash ('02 in Dallas). Murphy's playing here next month, but ASO actually has a damn concert that night... unless he's not going on until later, but i'm not sure... so that makes me sad cuz i hadn't seen him in years :( & unfortunately, Peter & co aren't getting any younger... but i'll still be listening to them when i'm 80, lol.

anyway... so back to the original topic, floods... all this focus on the floods in Iowa reminds me of the floods (yes, floodS unfortunately) i've been thru. the 1st was in October '94 which i was only partially in. i just started my freshman year of college (there goes my age right there) & was hanging around the dorms 1 partially cloudy afternoon cuz classes had gotten canceled from all the rain around town, even though it hardly rained in town. so, what else to do but watch TV... & of course all they showed was info about flooding around town, most of it in the suburbs. thinking "wow, that's awful" as they showed helicopter scenes, all of a sudden they spotlighted this 1 group of people carrying a boat & other things over what appeared to be a flooded street. but then i realized... i knew one of the dudes, i just graduated high school with him!!! then i realized, "heeeey, that street corner looks familiar... wait, that's about friggin 3 houses down from my parents!!!!" i immediately picked up the phone & dialed home to see 1st of all IF i could even get in contact with them. my mom answered & i said "Mom, are y'all ok?!?! i'm watching the news!!!!" & she said yes, AMAZINGLY their house was ok, but basically our ENTIRE neighborhood was underwater. i had also realized some of the scenes on TV had been from my neigborhood... it was unbelievable. i asked if she wanted me to come home to be with them, but she kinda laughed & said "why? we have no power here, you're safer there, you should wait til the weekend when the water gets down", so that's what i did. a few days later, i went home & saw the aftermath... & it looked just like something on TV, only worse, plus it smelled. almost every single home had gotten SOME water in them, except for a handful on our block that were JUST high enuff not to get any water. but the worst was on the other side of this large pond that separated our neighborhood, which you now needed a friggin' boat to get across. so we did a boat tour... it was unreal. some houses got totally unrooted, & 1 house had half over here & half over there... 1 half of 1 house was even high up in a tree!!!!! & all you could do was just sit there feeling empty & helpless. people's things were all over the place... papers, clothes, electronics, anything. most of these homes were effected cuz of a large lake right behind our neighborhood.

the damage was done, but it took YEARS to clean-up, many people ended up being bought out & moved elsewhere. one of my childhood friends had gotten some water in their home, & we saw that one as well. they were devastated... they had gotten robbed a few years prior. but they were able to buy some new things, recarpet & paint their house (as well as having to do something about the flood to make it safe to live in again, it sounded complicated), & her parents still live in that home, as do most of the people on our side of the neighborhood. the other larger side though is mostly vacant with a few scattered homes here & there that were salvaged & still remain. it was REALLY eerie when the damaged homes were still there, some of them just sitting vacant for years. we would drive back there all the time to see less & less homes, & now i can almost count how many homes are left. yet you still remember where there was a home, & it's sad. & all that happened to our house... the backyard looked like a river & my parents had to replace a lawnmower. we were soooooo lucky, & part of that was cuz my dad decided to have our house built on a slightly higher part of the neighborhood JUST in case the river decided to do that because it was always possible, just highly unlikely. you never friggin' know....

the other flood was in 2001, tropical storm Allison (1 person in here witnessed all this with me), which this time was the total opposite... didn't so much effect the suburbs, but effected the INSIDE of town!! i was busy with a music festival at UH in June, where it was raining constantly that 1st week. we had gone out of town the 1st weekend for a concert. on our way back, the wind & rain was soooo strong that the buses had to pullover & stop. we sat there for a few hours just waiting for the rain to subside, but it basically didn't. word came out that the city inside 610 was under water already... wtf, how is that possible? but they decided to have the buses go ahead & go as far as possible. we eventually reached a hotel on Beltway 8, the OTHER circle around the city that was even bigger than 610.. & Houston is so friggin big, that was still way out of the way of where we were originally trying to go. the rain had subsided, but there was no possible way to get into town. but we were all so tired & had to sleep at the hotel for the night. we woke up & watched the news & really saw what was going on. the water had gone down enuff for us to get back to UH, but basically all of UH had been underwater... except a few buildings, including the newly built music building & athletic center cuz they were high enuff... they lucked out too!!! but a lot of our vehicles had gotten some water in them, & some people's cars were devastated & totaled out. riding around town that weekend, parts of the city looked unfamlliar... there was 1 point where i had to turn around ON the same side of the highway cuz it was undrivable further up!! i had to try to find some drivable streets, it was a mess. then on another highway, i looked over to see people standing on their roofs... totally creepy. this flood was actually a bigger deal cuz it affected more people, but either way, they were both horrible.

but, a tragic experience like that brings people together. people at the festival definitely warmed up to each other a lot faster after that weekend. the good news was the festival went on... although the dorms we were staying in had gotten water, so we had to relocate & stay in hotels & get bussed to UH everyday... that was a pain, but at least it was an option. & some of the dorm food had made some of us ill... but we couldn't really afford to eat elsewhere! oh, & the mass mosquitos cuz of this were HORRIBLE that summer!! you could hardly even be outside at night. the bad news for me was my truck was borderline getting totaled out, but eventually they (mechanics & insurance) decided to salvage it... which was a baaaad idea cuz it ended up giving me problems a couple years later, & we had to get rid of it, which was why i was driving the other truck afterwards. but... a car is a car, it's just a piece of metal, & it can easily be replaced. meanwhile, some individuals at the festival from out of state claimed they would never come to Houston again... lol, almost. they really don't happen that often... but after i told some of them about '94, they said "oh, so more like every 5 years, eh?"... but you can't plan mother nature's plans.

luckily my parents & friends had gotten spared in '05 when Hurricane Rita was threatening Houston. i was in Chicago watching the news obsessively every day. i was worried sick cuz they said they were staying, even though we had had Hurricane Alicia in the 80s, which was bad as a category 3, but not tragic (we only lost power for a few days & a tree *almost* fell on our house), & weather forcasters had anticipated Rita to be like a 4 or 5... & my best friend & his family had no choice but to stay cuz they had already sat in 4 hours of traffic to not EVEN go 1 mile, & had to go back home!!!! but my parents said the winds & rain were about as bad as Alicia for them, while my best friend waaaay on the other side of town didn't hardly get any rain (he also said he was in sunny skies during the 2001 rain).

overall, both of them were tiring ordeals... so hopefully the people in Iowa will get thru it alright, but it'll be a long process. the home salvaging part is obviously the worst... it's complicated, & a lot of them just get bought out by the government if people can't afford to rebuild, & a lot of them have to move in with family/friends or start over, which is what happened to people in our neighborhood that didn't salvage their home. even some that did try to salvage them ended up having to have them torn down years later. anyways... i was just thinking about all of this yesterday after watching some all-too-familiar news clips.

meanwhile, we haven't seen a drop of rain here in i dunno how long, when last summer it was raining almost every day... *knocks on wood*

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Sunday, May 25th, 2008
3:52 pm - Lalapalalapaza...
hehe, of course i'm talking about Lollapalooza... holy crap, with these 4 bands playing (among many others), how could i not wanna go:

Nine Inch Nails
Rage Against the Machine
Love & Rockets

!!!!!!!!!!!! yah, for once they have it right. the only drawback: i don't live in Chicago anymore :-P figures they'd have an excellent line-up when i don't live there anymore, soooo... it looks like a summer trip is in order :) a friend of mine may go with me, & hopefully 1 of my Chi-town friends will wanna go too. i reeeeeally wanna go... i've NEVER see Radiohead or NIN, & i hadn't seen RATM or L&R both since '99. there's also The Toadies (who i saw back in '97), Broken Social Scene, Brazilian Girls, Cat Power, & Bloc Party that i'd like to see out of the line-up too.

on a related note (cuz 2 of these bands ironically fit this mix)... after some rather frustrating & humbling events in recent months (& years, for that matter), this compilation has been created to express my feelings... in a good way. i really had to search thru all my cds & mp3s for fitting titles, & sometimes i used a track alone just for the title... but regardless of what the song's about, i tried to find songs that had some kind of similar message or line. i've included way too fitting quotes that i have to keep reminding myself. there're also some video links:

Love & Rockets - All in My Mind - "you'll see that nobody... has ever really ripped you off, it's all in your mind..." (actually, it's thanks to casually looking on a new myspace page of theirs that i found out they were playing Lollapalooza to begin with)
The Damned - Life Goes On - "liiiiiife's a con a con a con... if you think you can't go on... go on & on & on..."
Matthew Wilder - Break My Stride - "nobody's gonna slow me down, oh no... i got to keep on movin" (lol, i know...cheesy :-D yet it's the ONLY 80s song here that i actually remember hearing then)
Primitives - Sick of It - "& iiiiiiiiii iiii-iii-iiiii'm sick of it all"
Chameleons UK - Pleasure & Pain - "it's pleasure & pain... no loss, no gain...", & then later "this madness, this laughter... outward feelings i can't control"
Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush - Don't Give Up - "don't give up... you're not beaten yet... don't give up... i know you can make it good", & pretty much the whole damn lyrics
The Call - I Still Believe - "through the pain, and through the grief... through the lies, through the storms... through the cries, and through the wars..."
The The - This is the Day - "this is the day... your life will surely change... this is the day... when things fall into plaaaaace" yes, it's that damn M&M's commercial song... but i knew it waaaay b4hand :-D
Electronic - Disappointed - "disappointed, once more... disillusioned, encore..." this is more of a relationship kinda song, but the title fits... & since it's 1 of my favorite songs period, i'm always looking for a reason to put it on a mix :-D
Morrissey - We Hate it when our friends become successful - "you see it should've been mee..... it could've been meeee..." ohhhh, this song hits at home when it came out while i was in high school (early 90s, if you must know)
REM - Everybody Hurts - who doesn't know these lyrics... i know it's about suicide, but it's too fitting for any negative situation; at least when it came out in high school, it was at a happier part of my high school life
Big Wreck - Blown Wide Open - "so i'm all surrounded... by the things i thought i'd put away..." well, that's kinda for me to remind myself of past things i wish i could put behind me that seem to distract me from things in general... plus the title alone in my case refers to expectations of certain situations
Radiohead - Sulk - "sometimes you suuuuuulk"... speaks for itself ;-)
Blur - This is a low - "this is a lowwwww... but it won't hurt youuuuu..."
Beck - Loser - another high school song... & hey, i need some comic relief in this seemingly serious mix... cuz this is how i've felt when i screw up something stupid :-P
OK Go - Get Over It - "ain't it just a bitch, what a pain... well it's all a crying shame... what left to do but complain, better find someone to blame"... seems to fit :-P
The Dandy Warhols - I Am Over It - well, i wish i were... the title's fitting though
Depeche Mode - Dream On - "dream on.... dream ooooonnnn...." seems to dangle in front of my mind when i get too ambitious

now maybe my next mix should be about my frustration with gas prices... :-P lessee here... a lil Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine.... MUhahaha...

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Monday, July 23rd, 2007
6:18 am
we had a good chamber concert today. that Strauss Suite is actually kinda exhausting to play, esp. the last movement! however, i felt uncomfortable during the whole concert cuz i ate Mexican food w/ some of the other woodwind players in between rehearsal & the concert... actually, we could've made a woodwind quartet :-D the food ruled, it was at this place I'd never been to b4 & i had these YUMMY puffy tacos... but damn it, i need to cut out eating Mexican food b4 i play :-P we had fun chatting away as well. i'm glad i like the people i play with. i also found out from 1 guy that's a band director that it took him about 4 hours to get to San Antonio the other day cuz they shutdown part of the highway. he wasn't even going to the band concert & was just going for the TBA convention. laaaaaame, it takes 1 hour 15 minutes w/ no traffic, & a little over 2 hours w/ traffic... i just don't understand traffic, i can't stand it, wah. sometimes coming from the suburbs to Chi-town took forever too, i just cried sometimes. i don't miss that stress at all, & i'm glad i didn't sit thru that b/s the other night. now, how did i go from music to traffic...

i took a nap tonight after the concert, which is why i'm awake at 6:30 am :-P i was just really tired for some reason, prolly from sitting out there for over an hour in the humid evening. i was gonna practice, but just didn't... i'll do it tomorrow, er, today. i ended up wasting time online looking up music stuff. i did find out that Sonic Youth is playing here in October!! bout freaking time someone cool came to town. the catch (of course) is that i have a rehearsal that night... big surprise, seems to be my luck lately. but, they're not playing 1st, & i'll prolly get out of rehearsal early cuz it's for a pops concert, & we usually get out earlier than subscription concerts... sooooo, hopefully i can go & just miss the opening band(s). i know Meat Puppets are opening, but i really only know 1 song of theirs, '94's overplayed "Backwater". Interpol is playing the week b4, & luckily the night b4 i have to go to Michigan for a concert that weekend, so i'll prolly see them too... i've seen em twice b4, but not in a few years. i'm also looking forward to that concert in Michigan cuz we're playing a bunch of Wagner instrumental opera excerpts that i've mostly never played b4 cuz, well, i've never played a Wagner opera (i'll be surprised if i ever do). i really can't wait to start playing regular concerts again... these summer concerts are nice, but i can't wait to play major rep!! less than 2 months... & counting.

i guess i should go to bed soon... but i can't stop listening to music. if u like some moody 80s stuff like i do, check these out:

The Sound - never heard of em til this weekend; someone mentioned them online, & they're right up my alley

Snake Corps - i heard them several years ago, but hadn't heard em in a while, so i revisited some songs i knew & got to catch up w/ some of their other songs i hadn't heard yet

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
5:01 am - mmmmmmmm.....
soooooo, Placebo IS coming near here after all the 1st weekend of August... & it's NOT Ozzfest, which i was about to say, WHY on earth would they play with those kinda bands, they're not even the same fanbase. I see now why I thought it was Ozzfest... when I searched on Pollstar on shows in San Antonio, the line-up for Ozzfest & this other Projekt Revolution fest kinda bled together cuz they're at the SAME venue, & they're only a day apart. however, the line-up for Projekt Revolution doesn't look much better... Linkin Park & My Chemical Romance?!?! *gulp*, nu-metal & emo... *runs screaming "NOOOOOO"*, heh. i'd be happy to spend $30 to see Placebo... i'd even spend $50, but i don't wanna sit thru a bunch of crap ass bands to hear one band that i really love that may only play 45 minutes... i know how these things work, i used to go to them all the time. HIM is pretty good, so I could just go to hear Placebo, HIM, & then leave... although i wish i knew someone that would go with me, it's about an hour away, & the crowd is gonna be full of oh-mi-gawd-emo, wanna-be-gawth, wanna-be whatever... it still sounds tempting, it really does cuz... &, it's freaking Placebo. in case you can't tell, i've been really band show deprived lately... & i <3 Placebo ;-)

today (checklist for me): ran errands, worked out legs, practiced. i also realized the Reinecke Octet is kinda hard ;-) good thing i'm not sight-reading it on Sunday!! not that i would anyway... but i'm actually gonna have to work on it b4 this chamber concert this weekend. i heard soundclips online (Fenwick Smith was playing w/ other BSO members), but even if i ordered it now, Amazon said it'll take 3-6 weeks *gulp*... soo, screw that, i should've thought of that LAST month. on another note, my kitty was being an uber brat earlier by scratching on my subwoofer, playing/chewing cords, & attacking my arms when i was trying to work-out... & now, he's purring in my lap. lol, cats are funny... & he prolly picks up some weird things from me ;-)

i should go to bed sooner than i did last nite... i actually have stuff to do...

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Saturday, June 16th, 2007
4:21 pm - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club show
BRMC kicked ass last night!! there're 2 singers, which i had forgotten about cuz i hadn't seen em since about 2003, '02 or '01 (strangely i don't have this documented in my long ass concert list?! but i KNOW i've seen them b4 in Dallas AND Chicago). the main lead singer is really talented. he played bass most of the time, with some really creative bass lines... guitar here & there, & also piano. i'm not sure who writes what, but i'm guessing he prolly writes most of it. INTERESTINGLY, this guy Robert Levon Been is the son of Michael Been, who was the singer/guitarist for the '80s band The Call... they had a hit w/ "I Still Believe", which is an awesome tune... & is also on The Lost Boys soundtrack, although i don't remember what scene of the movie it's in. anyway, luckily i was standing on Robert's side. he even threw a guitar pick, & it hit some dude's fingers & then my foot, but then it just disappeared :( me & the guy kept looking for it, but never found it. one drawback on the concert was it was a little too long cuz they played for 2 freaking hours... 1 long ass setlist, plust a long ass encore... which normally i wouldn't mind, but my feet & my back were killing me, & there were a few morons around me... u know, the wanna-be drunken frat boys trying to dance or whatever it is they think they're doing, heh. i hated that crap when i was 20, & i still do. oh, & i can't forget the annoying drunken lipstick lesbians that were stumbling around nearby while making out & getting weird looks, lol. otherwise, it was really good. but damn, i miss living in Chicago for more shows to go to cuz there's NO one coming here that i wanna see, except The Wrens next month, who i've already seen twice... & one of those times was in Austin a couple of years ago b4 i even lived here. too bad i didn't go home this weekend cuz VNV Nation AND Skinny Puppy are playing in Houston. granted, VNV was playing last night in San Antonio, but i wasn't gonna give up a 10 minute trip to see BRMC to an over an hour drive to SA. plus, there're prolly gonna be too many "oh-my-gawths" at the Skinny Puppy show, hehe.

so anyway, i'm relistening to BRMC's Howl album from a couple of years ago while surfing thru shows coming into TX this summer on Pollstar. this album's not bad by any means, it is actually really good, but i listened to it once & was just kinda like "this isn't like the other 2 albums" & then forgot about it. the new album Baby 81 sounds more like the 1st 2, & Howl is like the strange laidback folky sibling. they played a few songs from it last night, so now i feel kinda guilty & feel like i missed out on more listens. but hey, that was only 2 years ago, which isn't really that long. sometimes it takes much more than that for me to even find out about some bands. but overall, they're definitely one of my favorite bands to come out of this decade. WHOA, Placebo's playing at Ozzfest in Dallas in August... but... it's Ozzfest... w/ lots of annoying people, & they prolly won't be able to play that long :( it's not worth it cuz i'd have to stand thru a bunch of annoying bands. Placebo better make it thru here again soon!!!! i've been dying to see them, & i'd drive to Houston or Dallas to see them if they did their own tour again

well, at least i'll save $$ this summer... speaking of, don't remind me how much $$ i spent yesterday... 2 shirts at the oh-my-gawd mall (yes, the mall) + a concert ticket. no more shopping for me... this weekend ;-) i need to go stretch my aching back out & go do something constructive like... practice. whatta thought.

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Thursday, October 26th, 2006
4:22 am - hahaha....
why does this not surprise me...

You Are Oscar the Grouch

Grumpy and grouchy, you aren't just pessimistic. You revel in your pessimism.

You are usually feeling: Unhappy. Unless it's rainy outside, and even then you know the foul weather won't last.

You are famous for: Being mean yet loveable. And you hate the loveable part.

How you life your life: As a slob. But it's not repelling as many people as you'd like!

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Sunday, September 10th, 2006
3:01 pm - interests collage
this was too much fun... however, I had to alter some of the options cuz I kept getting naked chicks, for some reason!! like Bach & Blondie?!?!?! lol, whatever, it's automated... i can't complain. it was way too fun looking thru the pics, i must say. i had to look thru a lot of em cuz i didn't even recognize what a band was, &/or some of them didn't make sense if it couldn't a related pic!! it basically has em in order of your interests, so they're pretty easy to figure out.
ok, i need to eat now.

My Interests Collage!Collapse )
Create your own! Originally Written By ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by darkman424

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Saturday, April 29th, 2006
2:42 am - music of the week....
I've been so hungry for new music lately, so I've been checking out some newer releases, as well as playing catchup on bands I already know & love. Generally, I've always liked a LOT of different kinds of bands, & don't always have the time & $$ to listen to all of a band's albums... so yah, that explains it. The top 10 bands I've been listening to this week have been (& actually for this past month basically):

Supergrass - i've liked just about anything I've heard of them. just playing catchup with their past albums like I Should Coco, In it for the Money, & self-titled... & I <3 the newer one Road to Rouen as well, like I thought I would.

Melotron - i've mentioned them before, but i'll say it again... if you like Depeche Mode, don't mind German lyrics, & don't mind feeling like you're at a goth club *grin*, CHECK THEM OUT!! I don't think a lot of people here in the states even know about them. The albums Sternenstaub & Cliche are sehr gut (very good)... ich liebe sie :)

Gorillaz - can't get enough of "Dare"... rest of the cd is good too. i've also always loved Blur... speaking of....

Blur - Parklife. nuff said. :) actually, this isn't a new listen, i've just been listening to it lately. an online friend of mine got me to listen to more of them & XTC last spring, & i'm still catching up. i didn't get into this one until last year... yah, i suck. i'm a baaaad Blur fan.

XTC - Black Sea has been on repeat. it's soooo good... so quirky & well, British :) "Generals & Majors" is so upbeat & catchy, I love it. "Sgt. Rock" is really what got me interested in this album. if you like Blur, check it out! very excellent from a VERY underrated 80s band.

Placebo - new album Meds, plus can't get enough of their other albums. YES, I'm addicted AGAIN :-P damn you, Brian Molko...

Cocteau Twins - playing catchup... the albums Garlands, Head over Heels, Treasure, & Victorialand. wow, they have a lot of music I still haven't heard

Franz Ferdinand - 'You Could Have It So Much Better' has been overplayed the past few days *grin*. i don't care what people think, i luv em. i didn't get into it last year cuz i didn't think the single "Do You Want To" is nearly as good as "Take Me Out", but the rest of the album is just as good as the other one. the 2 slow songs are actually really good! sooo, i'm not sure which one i do like better :)

Covenant - the new release Skyshaper is good so far. i haven't heard it enough, but enough to know I'm gonna really like it.

Catherine Wheel - finally heard the album Ferment, which has one of my all-time favorite songs on it, "Black Metallic". the rest of it is really good too.

& ohhhh yah, one more (which makes 11), & the only American band mentioned in here... She Wants Revenge ... though it's more of one of those good mood albums when you're in that kind of pessimistic sulky mood. no, even I actually don't feel like that all the time ;-)

Rhapsody ist mein Freund... Musik ist meine Liebe...

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Monday, January 16th, 2006
1:26 am - movies & music
Aside from playing music, there isn't really much time for anything else.. except for the occasional movie. But I almost forgot (or almost wanted to forget) a movie I saw last week w/ a new friend, Hostel... OMFG... this movie is FUCKED up. If anyone's actually seen it, you know what I mean. I'm not a big horror movie watcher, so to someone else, they might not think as much about it... but I dunno, some people online that are horror buffs think it's even disturbing. I'm not gonna bother telling you about it, it's pretty gross... watch the previews if you're curious, or just read the reviews. I will say the lead character is hella hot, & one of the chicks (brunette) is very cute...yes, that was a superficial moment on my part :-P. Would I recommend it to the average viewer? HELL no... it should be rated double RR, heh. I actually had problems sleeping that night, if that says anything... & it really takes a lot to gross me out. Overall, it was very well put together, & makes for a twisted, dark dark DARK ass comedy. So if you like gruesome movies with a lotta sex, drugs, & violence, than sure. I definitely didn't mind the sex parts :-P I dunno, maybe it's cuz I actually saw a horror movie in the theater, cuz I can't remember the last time I did, or if I ever have honestly. Pulp Fiction was rated R, but that seems tame compared to this shit... & speaking of Tarantino, even though it has Tarantino's name plastered everywhere, it's NOT just a Tarantino film, he was an executive producer. There were definitely some Tarantino-isms in it, but it's more of this other guy Eli Roth... that part's kinda confusing. anyway...

Other movies I saw in the theater over the holidays... which were much more family oriented, heh... Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe. We went goth clubbing last weekend & saw some cartoon version playing on the tv screen, but I've never actually seen it or even read the books... I hardly knew it existed. I feel so deprived. Anyway, the movie felt like a mix between the Brady Bunch, Lord of the Rings, & Harry Potter, heh. Lots of cool visuals, cute characters, that kinda thing... cool battle scenes too. I also saw King Kong the week before... which had some really cool parts, but was kinda long. Some parts they could've just gotten over with quicker, like the end... but of course you're supposed to be so mesmerized by the visuals you forget it's filler (yes, that's sarcasm). But hey, so I just start admiring the computer animation work. I liked Kong's character, he had personality. Oh, & those freaky island people were rather scary. I also saw Dark Water at a friend's house with Jennifer Connelly... kind of a psychological thriller, I guess. I liked it... & I had no problems sleeping that night either, hehe. My only complaint is Connelly has really slimmed down more than my liking. She just looks way too skinny than I'm used to seeing.

Enuff about movies... onto my obligatory Year in Music of 2005 reflection, so here're my top 10 albums. Keep in mind that these are albums I've actually heard & like enough to include here, of course... everyone's lists are so different, blah blah blah. I'm sure there are some others out there that I haven't heard yet, but all in good time. They're kind of in order, but not really... but DM's definitely my favorite cd of the year.

My Top 10 Rock Albums of 2005

1. Depeche Mode - Playing the Angel
- quite possibly one of DM's best. this ranks up there for me with Violator, SOF&D, & then this one. it's that good, I thought. I love the "Precious" video... myyy... precious... hehe, along with "Suffer Well" & "Lillian".

2. New Order - Waiting for the Sirens' Call - I dunno what some people are whining about, I LOVE the newer New Order cds!! 2001's Get Ready was VERY very underrated & overlooked, but liked by critics & diehards (like me I guess). This is good stuff... I like the "Krafty" video, even though it doesn't have the band (which isn't surprising, they're so shy, heh). "Guilt is a Useless Emotion" is a very good & catchy dance track, I love it.

3. Doves - Some Cities - someone's at fault here for getting me into this :-P I think he knows what my favorite track is... "Black & White Town", oooo, big surprise! I also love "Snowden".

4. Kasabian - This was one of my overplayed summer cds, along with #2 & #3. I just hate this copy-protected crap, it's annoying... it gets in the way of just making a simple mix playlist in certain players, so avoid that version. Otherwise, it feels like Charlatans UK with hints of different sounds ranging from indie, alternative, dance, & even hip-hop... cool stuff. "Processed Beats" & "Reason is Treason" are my favorites.

5. Nine Inch Nails - it's nine fucking inch nails... heh, that was fun to say. no filler, just noisy goodness. "There is no fucking YOU, there is only me"... you couldn't escape from hearing this at clubs or the radio (the few times I actually did hear it on the radio, which I never listen to).

6. Echo & the Bunnymen - Siberia - same as #2... well, in this case, I do prefer older Bunnymen, but I do also really like their newer cds. I think I like Flowers a little better than this one, but this is good.

7. Coldplay - X&Y - I've really dug them since they came out, so this was a must listen. If you like the other 2 albums, you'll like this one too. I love "Talk", can't get enough of that guitar line. The video's cool too.

8. Supergrass - Road to Roeun - ahhh, Supergrass change things around again... from the much more sunsunshiney kinda feel on Life on Other Planets, this one's very laidback... but it's very good. They're such a good band... I pretty much like anything they do. I can already tell this one will get better with each listen.

9. VHS or Beta - Night on Fire - the title track alone was worth getting this cd for... I was obsessed with this song for months before I even heard other songs, one of my favorite singles of the year. if it doesn't get you dancing, nothing will!! I also can't get enough of the guitar part in "Alive", mmm mmm mmm.

10. Franz Ferdinand - just had to check it out cuz I like the debut... I think I like the debut a little better, but this one's really good too. Haven't heard it enough... will have to write more about it later.

Honorable Mention: Dandy Warhols - Odditorium Or Warlords Of Mars - I haven't really heard this enough either, but I do like it straight though. It's kinda different from Welcome to the Monkeyhouse, not as new-wavey, so I'll probably end up liking that one more for that reason... plus that one has better singles... so we'll see.

I see a trend, I tend to like the previous cds of bands better... but I guess we'll see with more listening during this year. I've only heard of a couple of upcoming new releases, like The Cure & Placebo. I've also just heard the band She Wants Revenge, which is kinda like a darker Interpol... so we'll see if it grows on me.

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Thursday, October 20th, 2005
2:36 am - hhhhheeeeellllllllppppppp mmmmmmeeeeeeeeee
GRRRRRRRRRRRRR, stupid computer problems!! i pay freaking over $100 to get it repaired (mostly to get a new harddrive, which i've been planning to do), but i'm still having issues cuz i specifically told them not to load windows so i can do it myself & save a MEASLY $20-50. but now i can't boot up Windows cuz of various issues. i don't feel like going over the boring details, so look em up on these links... & anyone PLEEEEAAAAASE help me so i don't have to spend a little extra $ on a new 3.5 disk drive or for them to do it!!


i need some milk...

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Thursday, October 13th, 2005
4:45 am - Bau-fucking-haus... & Halloween mix
thas right, Bauhaus.... it was a perfect cloudy day, & I was listening to them all freaking day, with the exception of Siouxsie, which also fit. i even pulled out my bass guitar, which i hadn't really touched much lately. sometimes you can play something better after not playing it in a while... which was the case with "Kick in the Eye"... which i couldn't even play a few years ago. then i watched Bauhaus - Gotham, a live show from the '98 tour, while i ate dinner. i just got on a kick somehow, but esp. cuz they're coming to town next month. they're playing 2 dates, & i'm actually busy both dates, but 1 night i could move students around, & the other thing i don't have to go to... but i want to... so we'll see. i really wanna go though, they're one of my favorite bands. plus they kicked ass in '98, so i must see them again!! i dunno if i mentioned this before, but after seeing them in '98, they literally changed my musical listening habits. i was already on an 80's kick then, but it just got me appreciating even more good not-as-well-known 80s bands.

I also had s'more mix fun. I almost felt tempted to buy Halloween decorations at Walgreens today, but I didn't... but then i was in such a gloomy mood i had to finish my Halloween mix. It actually started as a death/dying theme a few months ago, but i decided to mix it up a little. it's still kinda gory, lol, but it fits. & OF COURSE, I had to put Bauhaus on here again. I honestly didn't really like the song "Mask" at the time I was getting into Crackle right after the '98 tour (i really hadn't heard more than a couple of their songs beforehand, i saw them out of mere curiousity)... but it has since grown on me, & now i think it's cool as hell. I always thought it was creepy sounding, so i thought it would be perfect for this mix. Also check out last year's mix. so anyway, here's my mix for this year.

Halloween 2005

1. The Damned - Dead Beat Dance
2. Misfits - Die, Die My Darling
3. New York Dolls - Frankenstein
4. Bauhaus - Mask
5. Depeche Mode - Dead of Night
6. Radiohead - We Suck Young Blood
7. Gary Numan - Dead Heaven
8. Franz Ferdinand - Shopping for Blood
9. The Libertines - Horror Show
10. Alice in Chains - We Die Young
11. Rob Zombie - Dragula
12. Atrocity - Love is Dead - I honestly don't know anything about this band or why they're even in my computer, hah, but this song's cool
13. Ministry - Bad Blood
14. Godsmack - Dead & Broken - yes, i do still like me some here & then... *does 2 finger rocking hand gesture*
15. Type O Negative - All Hallows Eve
16. Kidney Thieves - Before I'm Dead
17. Sister Machine Gun - Dead Generation

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Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
2:08 am - more music fun
i was tagged by steedpeel:

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artist, and the song in your Livejournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

This was tricky... I haven't really been listening to much new music in months, so I've basically been recycling the same ol' cds. so here're 7 songs & why i listed em, as i like to yack:

1. Blur - London Loves - so goofy & fun, I've always luuuuuved me some Blur
2. The Libertines - Horror Show - heh, i dunno, it's just getting me in the mood for Halloween :)
3. Ministry - We Believe - I was on a Ministry kick this weekend cuz of my aggravating week... I almost forgot how much I LOVE this song
4. Radiohead - 2+2=5 - I think this is one of the best album opening songs... I dig it a lot
5. Doves - Melody Calls - I dunno why i'm addicted to this song, but i have been for a few months... it's partly the Bunnymenish guitar line in the intro... & it's just oh-so-moody
6. Gorillaz - Feel Good - one of the only new songs I've liked lately *dances in chair w/ no one watching*
7. Ladytron - Discotrax - dunno why, it's just catchy synthy fun... "the boy i know..."

tag, you it! cuz i need some good new musik to check out: dragonelli, rubymilk, suspended_dusk, lost_earth_lock, bodyparts, _wingsofsteel_, mercurianx (djradiohead, consider yourself lucky since you were already tagged, heh)

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Sunday, September 25th, 2005
4:26 pm - name that band....
a fun picture collage idea i stole from _wingsofsteel_: Pick 10 random bands that appear in your music player on shuffle, post pics, have people guess what bands they are. it's a nice cool & cloudy day, perfect day to listen to these bands, which have all been running on random in winamp today, along w/ others. grrrr, this took longer than expected cuz some of the links didn't work :-P I avoided seemingly easy ones, so have fun... & no peeking under the image properties unless you're just stumped :)

1. this should be pretty freakin' easy...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

more pic fun here...Collapse )

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
3:06 am - fear the cute little bear
i'm confused... i should be asleep right now, & i'm tired as hell, but my nap earlier has my sleep cycle off, so i'll catch some zzzz's soon... here's a fun quiz that fits me to a T:

You Are A: Bear Cub!

bear cubBears are strong and independent creatures who roam in the forest in search of food. Bears are usually gentle, but anger one and be prepared for their full fury! You're tough, you won't back down from a fight, you have a bit of a temper -- classic attributes of a bear. Intelligent and resourceful, though lazy at times, you are a fascinating creature of the wild.

You were almost a: Kitten or a Pony
You are least like a: Chipmunk or a DucklingWhat Cute Animal Are You?

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
2:08 am - everybody else is doing it, so why can't i....
this LJ thing is going around... i think i've caught it... so i'm giving it to you :-P

LJ Interests meme results

  1. berlioz:
    mmmmm, well, french composer... Symphonie Fantastique rocks... cool piccolo part at that... i've also played his Requiem... um, that's about it.
  2. cocteau twins:
    as i'm sure some of you know, a female-fronted british band... didn't really know about them until a few years ago, & have been playing catchup ever since... I really love "Lorelei", "Alice", & "Wax & Wane"

  3. faith & the muse:
    interesting to have CT & F&TM back to back... also female-fronted, but more "gothy" i guess... i saw them exactly this month last year, good show... i really love "Sparks" "Scars Flown Proud", & "Through the Pale Door"

  4. house of love:
    another British band...reminds me of The Church... don't have any cds though, been meaning to order some cuz i really like what i've heard, & they're kinda hard to find... check out the songs "Christine" & "I Don't Know Why I Love You"... i can send em, if anyone wants

  5. lemonheads:
    oooo!! It's a Shame About Ray was one of the 1st cd's I ever owned, & i wore it TO DEATH!! i esp. love the title track, "Hannah & Gabi", & of course the "Mrs. Robinson" cover.... awesome awesome... Evan was a cutie circa '93-95... i saw them in '97 too, but kinda lost track afterwards when the "dark side" of the music world took over me, hehe

  6. nitzer ebb:
    haha.... lots of good memories hearing them at the 80s club #'s back home :-D "Join in the Chant", anyone?!?!

  7. radiohead:
    if you've read enuff of my posts, you'll know i've been sorta addicted to them lately... ok, not sorta :-P i listened to The Bends today, heard Hail to the Thief a few times this weekend... along with OK Computer... now i just gotta listen to Kid A, like I've been meaning to do... will do that later when i'm not so tired

  8. snow patrol:
    really dug em in spring/summer '04... saw them last spring '04 as well... hope they come out with a new cd soon
  9. the cult:
    yaaaaaaah... one of my favorite 80s bands (top 10 definitely)... saw them in '99... esp. love their early/mid-80s songs the best, of course.... the more "gothy" days, but i dig pretty much everything else too... haven't been on a Cult kick in a while though

  10. writing songs:
    mmmm, i need to get back to work on that.... i've had a bunch of musical ideas pop in my head lately, but haven't had a chance to really work on them with all this other mayhem going on... will be doing that soon though, now that i'll have a little break.... i think i'll be more creative once it finally cools off

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